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2013 Conference Agenda

October 21, 2013


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KEYNOTE – Become a More Effective Leader and Improve Your Results

Virginia Meyer, Co-Founder & COO: Red Chocolate™


These days, being pressed for time personally and professionally isn’t an exception; it's the norm.  In this session you will learn that working harder and faster isn’t necessarily the way to better performance.  The key to higher levels of performance is understanding your natural style strengths and using those strengths to coach and lead effectively.  In this presentation you will learn how the business is shifting and how that impacts our need to shift as leaders and coaches.  You will develop an understanding of the value of your leadership strengths, how to assess these strengths and how to use them when leading and coaching success behaviors.
Discover how inspired training, leading and coaching spurs success behaviors which will produce significant and sustainable results which will  increase revenue and profitability.
Virginia Meyer is a respected 20-year salon industry veteran and a passionate advocate of beauty industry education.   Beginning her career in the salon, Virginia has experienced all aspects of running and managing a successful business including sales, distribution, development and education—the latter of which led to her role with the Aveda network, where she remained for 17 years.  For seven of those years, Virginia acted as vice president of education where she led the vision and strategy for Aveda technical, creative and business education.
Virginia’s mantra is “good to great”—she is passionate about creating the condition that allows service providers and salons to step into their vision of excellence; in her new role with Red Chocolate, Virginia will be responsible for day-to-day running of the company, overall strategy, operations and vision.

2:00 - 3:15pm
PRESENTATION OF RESEARCH – Characteristics of Highly Successful Salons 


Learn the key performance indicators that set the top salons apart from the rest. Earlier this year American Salon commissioned a comprehensive study, the results which will be unveiled in this session.  Gain valuable insight about the three key drivers that leading salons are employing and the strategies you’ll need to take your business to new heights.  

Did you know: 

  • The top salons offer more types of services and have significantly higher spend per customer
  • Employee turnover is considerably lower in top salons
  • Top salons have proven techniques for compensating and rewarding their staff 
  • Top salons plan
  • The best salons use technology

3:30 - 4:45pm 

Not surprisingly the most successful salons plan.  Business plans, budgets, marketing plans and client workflow systems are some of the many tools salons can develop to ensure the short and long term success of their businesses.  From a panel of successful salon owners you will learn best practices for planning and how to use your plans to better manage and improve your business.  
  • The key elements are to incorporate in your marketing plan
  • Budget strategies that work
  • Important questions to ask yourself as you develop your business plan
  • How workflow systems can improve productivity


4:45 - 5:45pm




October 22, 2013


8:45 - 10:00am

American Salon’s Better Business Network research reveals that the best salons have low turnover, supply on-going education and provide rewards for performance.  These key indicators result in 20 to 40 percent more revenue per chair and a 17 percent higher spend per client. Interestingly these top salons aren't really paying their employees more than the rest of the salons.  How do they do it?  Come hear a panel of successful salon owners talk about the ways in which they keep and motivate their staff and how to translate it into profits for the salon.

10:00 - 11:15am 

Happy customers translate into loyal salon clients.  Great salons know how to keep customers coming back for more.  The proof? American Salon’s Better Business research reveals that most salons do a good job of retaining their customers (on average 84 percent). Are they coming back more often and are they trying new services? Are they spending more money per visit?  Are they referring your salon to their friends and family?  And, are they leaving the salon with products to use at home?  This session will explore how the best salons are distinguishing themselves from the competition as they provide superior service to their clientele.  
The expert panel will address: 
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Introducing New Services
  • Retail
  • Creating the Right Environment

11:30 - 12:45pm 

Sixteen percent of a typical salon’s customer base is new. American Salon’s Better Business Network research shows us that the median number of unique clients in a salon is 400.  If you could increase that number by 9 percentage points while keeping your retention rate at 84% that would translate into 36 more unique customers per year.  At an average service spend of $60 and an average of 11 annual visits per customer you will make an additional $24,000 per year...and that’s just the beginning!  Toss in retail, referrals and more services and the revenue potential is even greater.  And, if you can get them in the door you can certainly keep them coming back!  It all starts with marketing.  
The expert panel will address:
  • Gathering data to determine your market “sweet spot”
  • How to analyze opportunity in your market
  • What you need to look at to determine your budget
  • How to set objectives and create your strategy
  • Develop the tactics to match your strategies and objectives

12:45 - 1:45pm



1:45 - 3:00pm


Business owners and managers can up the ante with one of the top business-boons of this century: Technology.  Never before have they had so many opportunities, right at their fingertips. This session will examine some of the tools that beauty pros can call on to manage their business and attract new and retain existing customers.  
You will learn about:
  • Salon management programs
  • Email marketing
  • Web development
  • Social media
  • Mobile applications

3:00 - 4:00pm 


How do you take the information and ideas you’ve gleaned at the conference and  translate them into actionable steps for your business?  This session will give you strategies and tactics that you can begin to use tomorrow to improve your business and to generate more revenue.

Our panel of experts will tell you what you need to know!  You will walk away with a list of things that you can do tomorrow.  
Ideas like:
  • The first steps to developing a business plan
  • How to  attract new customers
  • Marketing techniques that work
  • How to put your customers to work for you
  • How to retain employees and keep them happy
  • Using technology effectively
  • Ways to increase your client’s spend
Agenda subject to change.


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